Claim Management

Claim management is an integral part of our entire value chain and perhaps the most important function within our organization. We are with you in times of eventuality and our dedicated claim settlement experts ensure prompt settlement of claims to your fullest satisfaction.

Our claim settlement team shall be with you right from reporting your claims, documentation, survey, approval and final disbursement.

We at Disha Insurance, understand that CLAIM assistance is a 5-step process that begins prior to placing your insurance. We first understand and minimize the risks that lead to claim, because a claim is a threat to your business continuity.

C - Consult with your officers to analyze your entire claim history

L - Localize the most frequently occurring events that result in a claim

A - Analyze the root causes of those events and address each one systematically and rigorously

I - Implement a risk reduction or elimination program and improve on it over time

M - Manage and Monitor the program diligently.

At Disha Insurance, CLAIM Management is an integral part of our total Risk Management solutions. Our Claim Management Team is one of the most competent in the industry.